Walmart needed an interactive app for its “Health & Wellness” programs. We came up with a “gaming+motivational app” because facing a disease is easier with help. In the app, a family member or friend can track patient status, follow daily objectives and get tips for a healthier life. I’d the honor of design UX/UI for agency pitch, including look & feel and motion graphics.

/Client: Walmart
/Agency: Cien+
/Deliveries: Wireframes + Prototypes + Motion
/Date: 2016
/My Role: UX/UI Designer + Animator
/Software I used: Sketch + Photoshop + After_Effect

1/UX+UI DESIGN. Brainstorming>Research>Wireframes>Prototype
Based on client’s brief, I define user and design goals. After a research, I sketch a quick wireframe with UX flow and design an HD-prototype using Photoshop and Sketch.

/Evolution. From sketch to final design.
/Prototype. Final App design and screens.

Motion prototypes I designed to introduce the app’s look and feel. It includes animated icon, motion transition and UI elements.

/Motion references.

Inspired by Walmart logo, I created a pack of navigation icons for the app and web prototypes.


4/UI VISUAL ELEMENTS. Animated Pack of Emojis
Prototype included a pack of emojis, presenting all members of the family and theirs roles into the app.

/Emojis. Avatars and roles representing the family members and their mood.