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Enjoy here a proposal for the new asset and media channel used to delight, drive recruitment, and foster a growing relationship between consumers and the Coca-Cola brands. I helped with the design and the animation of a series of motion clips presenting the code and how to use it.

/Project: Coca-Cola
/Role: Visual-Character Designer + Animator
/Date: 2018

1/AD+MOTION. Coca-Cola 20″ Clip
Enjoy here the first animation that I designed, directed and animated based on the classic Coca-Cola.

2/AD+MOTION. SmartWater 30″
Coca-Cola brands series continue with the sencond animation based on SmartWater.

3/CHARACTER_DESIGN. Visual development, props, and character studies for animation

Expression sheet and design studies  
Character line-up: designing a family based on the main consumer of each product (normal, urban, elegant, healthy, and sporty)  
Styleframes for props and other elements interacting with the characters  

+/VISUAL_DESIGN. Project development and brief
The team designed a family of icons for different products. Each one contains the silhouette of the product’s bottle and a circle identification system with infinite combinations.

/Different icons for different products.
HOW TO USE: /1. Go to in your browser > /2.Tap “Scan” > /3.your camera will launch > Take a picture of the icon > /4.Exciting things await you