Valeant Pharmaceuticals was launching an innovative laser hair removal (LHR) system. Not only did we need to introduce the new device to the U.S. market, but we wanted to destroy the taboos that LHR was only for certain skin types and appeal to Millennials through a language they understood– emojis.

/Client: Valeant Pharma
/Agency: Cien+
/Deliveries: Motion + App + Web + Emoji Set
/Date: 2016
/Software I used: After_Effect + Photoshop + Illustrator +  Sketch

1/EMOJIS. Hairy smileys design
Emoji are smileys used in messages and web pages, existing in various genres, including facial expressions, common objects, places and types of weather, and animals. If the smiling emoji has skin tone variations, why not have an option for hair colors or facial hair?

/Variations of the hairy emojis with different color hair and skin tones.

2/STICKERS. Variations for Messenger app

/Stickers part of the 30 emojis pack. 

3/APP. We created a mobile app to download and use the emoji set in your messenger app.

/Sample of using the hairy emojis in common conversations. 

4/WEB. To promote the campaign we created a landing page with info and links to download the emoji set.

/Web Design. Screens.