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Honey Bunches of Oats

The brand wanted to create fun, positive, and original content that would keep our followers engaged. I created weekly animations for their site and social media accounts. Click play and enjoy!

/Client: Post Foods
/Agency: Cien+
/Deliveries: Motion + Social_Media_Content
/Date: 2016-2017
/My Role: AD + Animator + Designer
/Software I used: After_Effect + Photoshop

1/STOP_MOTION. Weekly animations for Social Media.
We mixed up stop-motion, fx-effects and 2D animation techniques for the weekly content. Every month I produced around 10clips of 10-15sec, most of the times based on special days like Halloween or Christmas.

2/VIDEO_GAME. Animation and visual dev.
For several weeks, we created a game series with different levels based on classic 8bits video games as SuperMario or DonkeyKong.

/Motion Test. Movement and character mood study.
/Motion Test. Movement and character mood study.