Cleat+Brillian Pélo was a 360º campaign for the multinational specialty pharmaceutical company based in Canada. During the project, we created all the elements to cover the launching of a brand-new product (naming, branding, look and feel, etc) including an interactive website and a TV spot.

/Client: Valeant Pharma

/Agency: Cien+

/Service: Branding + TV Spot + Website

/Date: 2015-2016

/My Role: Art Director + Animator + Designer


1/VIDEO. TV Spot
Our brief was to redefine the Laser Hair Removal conversation under a lifestyle platform, empowering people to feel confident in their own skin so they can bring out their true selves. The result was a funny commercial about 6 characters and their childhood nicknames.

/ Credits:
— Director: Andres Cortes
— CD: Alejandro Webelman
— AD: Joa Jackel, Adri Torres
— Script: Sydney Spence

/ Awards:
— Archive Magazine (3/2016)
— MM&M (5/2016)

2/WEB. Interactive and gaming websites
A key part of the brief was to come up with two interactive websites, one for consumers (with gaming or interactive content) and one focused on the doctor (medical oriented). The result was a funny website with an interactive homepage where the user can remove the hair and reveal different nicknames. On the doctor side, we produce landing-pages introducing doctor and consumer stories.


3/ANIMATION. “How to use” clip
Additionally, for the doctor side of the website, we produced an animation clip for describing the product and how to use it. The clip includes stop-motion and After Effect animation.