I was fortunate to design Reply.ai when it was born. The platform, used by companies as Starbucks, Sony or Hilton, builds chatbots where businesses can reach thousands of customers on Facebook.

Recently, R/GA San Francisco took the project to the next level with a campaign which won several CANNES LIONS 2017.

/Client: PerOps
/Credits: RG/A San Francisco
/Deliveries: Branding + Motion + UX/UI Prototype
/Date: 2015-2016
/My Role: Animator + Designer
/Software I used: Sketch + After_Effect + Photoshop
/Web: reply.ai/

I worked closely with the company’s founders to develop a solid visual identity, full of personality and joyful, for a mobile environment.
This brand universe includes motion studies and a flexible design system, which can be adapted to different devices and products.

2/MOTION_GRAPHICS. Character design based on brand’s universe
The logo was born as a dynamic brand which can evolve and change based on the product or application where it is used. Brand development below, thanks to the talent of R/GA San Francisco.

/Character family of the brand’s universe.

3/UX+UI_DESIGN. Web design and dashboard flow
I designed landing pages to promote the app and application dashboard. It included wireframes, user experience, and user interface’s graphics.

/Promotional landing-page.
/Home-page design.
/Intranet UX+UI.

+/THANKS FOR WATCHING! info@adritorres.com