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As part of the Pepsi nSpire campaign, launching their new machine “Pepsi Spire”, we worked with the Pepsi in-house design team to create motion content for social media and promotional events.

/Client: Pepsi Co
/Agency: Cien+
/Deliveries: Motion + Social_Media_Content
/Date: 2016-2017
/My Role: AD + Animator + Designer
/Software I used: After_Effect + Photoshop

1/MOTIONS. Social Media and Web animations.
After working for Pepsi Super Bowl 50 campaign (see here that project), Pepsi needed to promote the launching of their new Pepsi Spire machine. My role was developing the digital part of the campaign and creating animations for social media and the website.

2/CHARACTER DESIGN. Creation of a fruit crew based on Pepsi’s logo
I designed a bunch of funny characters, each one with a different mood and behavior, mixing the PEPSI logo and the 8 variety of flavors that you can select when using the Pepsi Spire machine. For example, Lemon is an ironic character, Strawberry is cheesy or Peach is a lovely toon.

/Evolution. From sketch to final design.
/Motion Test. Movement and character mood study.
/Social_Media. One of the 10sec clip I created for Instagram.
/3D view. Player.

3/STYLEFRAMES. Visual development