PEPSI Super Bowl 50, social media campaign. It was a pleasure to work with PEPSI Co, sponsor of the Super Bowl 50, on this Social Media campaign for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They needed to raise awareness for its new interactive soda machine, PEPSI Nspire, which was touring across the nation with stops at Super Bowl XLIX, SXSW and Breckenridge Ski Mountain. Here are some of my favorite posts.

/Client: Valeant Pharma
/Agency: Cien+
/Service: Branding + TV Spot + Website
/Date: 2015-2016
/My Role: Art Director + Animator + Designer

1/AD. Pre, during, and post social media campaign
I had the honor of producing several animations and motion graphics for the SuperBowl 2016, sponsored by PEPSI Co. We launched three campaigns for social media: pre, post and during the game.

2/LIVE_CONTENT. During-game campaign
We created specific content which was posted in live during the game.

3/ANIMATIONS. Social media clips for the Citrus Bowl 2016 and the BreckenRidge 2016.
During 2016, we worked closely with PEPSI Co team creating social media content for SXSW and Breckenridge Ski Mountain, events sponsored by the PEPSI Nspire machine.